Jessica Robbins
Responsive web
Meet the site made for engineers who love data at their fingertips.

Role: Experience Strategy, UX Design, Information and Product Architecture, Creative Direction, Design



HSI Sensing is company that makes sensors and other technology for several industries, including the space industry. HSI Sensing needed to revamp its website to appropriately target tech-savvy engineers. Armed knowing that this audience tends to research products online before purchasing, it was critical that the new website make products and product specifications easy to find. 

After an initial discovery workshop and “performance check” on their business ops (looking at the key indicators of vision, surface, plumbing and capability), our team could see a misalignment that needed to be addressed for success to be in reach. Their vision was to be “the catalyst that helps drive innovation in virtually any and every industry,” however, their “surface” did not reflect that vision and their plumbing did not include a tech stack that matched their customer or modern business needs.

Without addressing this misalignment, any experience would fall apart. We implemented rebranding and a full website redesign which helped address some surface-level issues, but we also implemented an improved tech stack and functionality including a robust product search.

Users could narrow down results and re-filter directly on the results page with an expanding filter menu. We implemented a very visual navigation for the initial stages of the product search with the option to search by keyword or model number for those who know expressly what they are looking for. Our product finder also included ‘custom solutions’ to better build in that service and upsell to customers who could not quite find an exact match.


Additional Team Members
Chad Bianco –  Designer/Art Director
Logan Walcher – Photography
Amy Blackburn – Account Manager
Amy Pyles – VP, Digital